IMG_2273Our first project, in the spring of 2010, began with a challenge: to make theatre that embodied sustainability in both process and product, as well as interrogating what ‘sustainability’ actually means.

We wanted the creative process to encourage us to look at environmental problems from new angles, and create a piece of theatre that invited its audience to do the same.

We ran eight inclusive workshops designed for people with and without theatre experience, including physical theatre, Forum Theatre and site-specific theatre.

Three of these workshops were led by associate artists:  Skip Theatre, Cathal Cleary and Irene Athanassiou.

Over the course of these workshops, a company of fourteen writers and performers collectively created Unplugged, a short comedy that imagined the havoc and hilarity that could break out it if power went down for a week.

The play was performed at Spitalfields City Farm open day in May 2010 and the Camden Green Fair at Regents Park in June 2010.

The company was made up of Peter Brooks, Lieve Carchon, Emily Cooper, Anna Clover, Steph De-Whalley, Yolanda Ferrato, Isobel Mascarenhas-Whitman, Claudine Matthews,  Elena Mazzon, Joan Plunket, Bryony Reiss, Adalis Rosell, Amy Smith and Emma Turner.

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