research ‘n’ development : work ‘n progress

research and development – a four act play, written in a day

prompted by the drive to improvise and push myself outside the comfort zone, I’m going to make a piece of performance for the ‘Art for Future Generations’ event tonight in Cardiff.

Abacus Arts Centre, Cardiff, 7pm: an evening of performance, poetry and music, responding to the Wellbeing of Future Generations bill set out by the Welsh Government on 7 July 2014.


a work of protest, pushing at the limits of progress

a work in process, pulling inspiration from all around


and returning to the gardeners of Riverside Community Allotment who I met during the Trans-Plantable Living Room


act 1: a sea of voices, a seed of an idea

act 2: a surge of activity, energy and words

act 3: an offering, outwards

act 4: to be confirmed


epilogue: post